Premium Golfers Crate

Premium Golfers Crate

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Golfers of every age; from the high handicapper to the scratch golfer will go crazy when they receive the Pro Golfers Crate! This crate has everything a golfer needs in order to have a great time both on and off the course: whether they are playing or practicing (and they will love you for it). It contains tons of golf goodies to make their favorite game more enjoyable. This amazing crate was put together by golfers... for golfers... of any skill level. And do you know what makes this gift even more memorable? When he opens his sealed wooden gift crate with a crowbar in front of his friends

Massive 13 Inch Crate

Fore The Course

  • 460 CC Golf Club Headcover, designed for today’s larger drivers
  • Switchblade Divot Tool to fix those greens after that fantastic shot
  • Golf Towel to make sure your clubs are clean after you hit your next awesome shot
  • Pocket Ball Washer because you have to have clean balls!
  • Retractable Groove Doctor Brush to clean the grooves on your clubs. It makes for a ton of spin
  • Putter alignment tool to practice those putts... putt for dough $$$
  • Long Shot Impact Stickers to hit that sweet spot every time
  • Fat Line Ball Alignment tool with Sharpie to make sure that your ball is marked and on line
  • Golf Rules Quick Reference Book... we don't have time to argue. Look it up and let’s get going!
  • Sleeve of Titleist Golf Balls. Who can argue with the #1 ball in golf?
  • 100 Golf Tees. Tee it high and let it fly.
  • Pencils and Flat Ball markers. No need to use clunky markers: every golfer needs spare pencils
  • Valuables Pouch to make sure your watch, wallet and rings are safe and secure.
  • Six Pack to Go Beverage Cooler to keep that six pack cold while your putter is hot.

Fore Betting

  • Vegas Golf with 10 Chips because we all need to bet on the golf course.

Fore Health

  • Golfer’s First Aid Kit... just in case.
  • SPF 15 Lip Balm: a must-have.
  • SPF 30. When you are out in the sun all day, you need to take care of that skin.
  • Golfers Stress Ball... golf can be stressful even after a fun day on the links.

Fore Snacking

  • Arnold Palmer Drink- one name says it all!
  • 1st Tee Nutrition Bar
  • 10th Tee Nutrition Bar
  • Bag of Bigs Sunflower Seeds
  • Bag of Beef Jerky

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