Send him a Crate instead of a Basket

They say it is difficult to buy a gift for a woman that will immensely surprise and please her. However, buying the perfect gift for a man might be as much difficult. The process might become even more complicated if you think about what to buy for a groom. Unfortunately, we have to admit that the market is more female oriented and gifts for men might as well be a niche.

Summer wedding season is in full swing and it is the time we know what gift should be bought for the groom. Many of us might be tired of all the traditional gifts for groomsmen like watches and ties. It is better to become a bit innovative and unique to make someone feel a bit extra special. has come up with the unique idea of gifting men a crate. Our tagline is "Give him a crate because men don’t do baskets". The idea is one of a kind. The basic use is similar to that of a basket but the crate adds a touch of sophistication and masculinity to the gift pack.

Crate Ideas Offered at

The Bacon Crate

Are you tired of the good old fruit basket? Then the bacon crate is the perfect gift idea. The crate is a collection of bacon flavoured items like popcorn and sunflower seeds. If the groom is known for his love for bacon, then this will complete his big happy day.

Retro Gamer Crate

There are hardly any men who have not enjoyed some type of digital game. Gift your gaming enthusiast groom or groomsmen with this crate that contains a gaming console with two Nintendo games. The games are complemented by some sweet snacks to accompany on a gaming night. It is a perfect combination of old school gaming and sugar rush.

NFL Barware Crate

This is the perfect crate gift for a football lover. The crate offers 4 NFL-themed pint glasses that come with coasters. The crate also packs bottle openers. It is a gift that is bound to make a football lover proud in front of his friends.

Snack Pack Crate

Men love to nibble on snacks. This crate packs the most popular snacks among men. It is complete with Oreo cookies, candy and Cracker Jacks. Other snacks include Pringles, Cookies, popcorn and Corn nuts. It even packs granola bars. It is the perfect snack heaven.

Innovative and unique gift ideas make your thoughts about someone extra special and it brightens up the day for the receiver. A wedding is a big day for both bride and groom. However, this particular event is also most often commandeered by females. You can make the day complete for the groom by giving him a unique crate. He will even get the chance to open it with a crowbar. What else could make him more happy and proud? is the perfect place to buy a crate gift that will complement the personality of the groom.

March 01, 2016


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