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Car wash Easter Basket

'Tis the season for Easter gifting, and there's nothing like a fun-filled crate that greets you with smiles! But why not kick it up a notch and treat your little ones (or yourself!) to some extra sudsy fun this year? A Car Wash Easter Gift Crate is an inventive way to get the family excited about the holiday while pampering their ride at the same time. We've rounded up all our favorite car care must-haves; everything from body wash and wax, detailing items, waterless cleaners and more. Get ready to show your car some major love with our ultimate guide to creating a one-of-a-kind Easter surprise!


Get your car ready for the sunny Spring season.


As the sweet smells of Spring begin to fill the air, it's time to take a look at your car and give it some much-needed TLC. Whether you're looking for a quick wipe down or an entire makeover, get ready to treat your vehicle with care and attention before hitting the open road! We've compiled some fun ideas on how to turn any car into a gift basket oasis so you can make sure you stay safe—and stylish—this season.


The benefits of a clean car

Are you tired of feeling embarrassed every time someone steps into your car? Does the smell make you want to crawl up and hide in a corner? Fear not, for with just a few simple steps your car can look and smell like new! Get that clean-car confidence back with our quick guide to the benefits of keeping a spotless car. Clearing out clutter, deodorizing the space, and ensuring comfortability are all within reach – so don’t wait any longer to take advantage of this helpful advice.


Have a family fun day washing the cars


It’s family time! Everyone gets excited when it comes to spending quality time with their closest loved ones, and what better way to bring the whole family together than a family fun day washing the cars? No need for trips to an amusement park or playing video games - get out in the backyard, turn on some tunes, grab your favorite cleaning supplies and have a great time putting your own personalized spin on car-washing. Not only is this activity super easy and budget friendly – but you can create special memories that will last forever! From elevating your game with unique homemade gift baskets overflowing with goodies that make car washing more enjoyable like bubbles, soft towel, and biodegradable soaps – let's explore all of our options to put individuality into every sputtery experience imaginable!


Clean off the winter salt

We’ve all been there—the winter season ends and the roads are left coated with a salty, grimy residue. Now that the snow is finally gone, it’s time to clean off your car before hitting the open road for summer travels. While you might dread this chore, don't just take care of your car on the outside—it's essential to also protect its interior too! Thankfully, we've got some fun gifts to help make cleaning off winter salt from your vehicle easier than ever. So send them a Car Wash Gift Crate  and let’s get scrubbing like never before!


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